Particle Astrophysics Group


Brown PA Theses

James R Verbus "An Absolute Calibration of Sub-1 keV Nuclear Recoils in Liquid Xenon Using D-D Neutron Scattering Kinematics in the LUX Detector"
Jeremy J. Chapman "First WIMP Search Results from the LUX Dark Matter Experiment"
David C. Malling "Measurement and Analysis of WIMP Detection Backgrounds, and Characterization and performance of the LUX Dark Matter Search Experiment"
Carlos H. Faham. "Prototype, Surface Commissioning and Photomultiplier Tube Characterization for the Large Underground Xenon (LUX) Direct Dark Matter Search Experiment"
Luiz De Viveiros. "Optimization of Signal versus Background in Liquid Xe Detectors Used for Dark Matter Direct Detection Experiments"
Peter Sorensen. "A Position-Sensitive Liquid Xenon Time-Projection Chamber for Direct Detection of Dark Matter: The XENON10 Experiment"
Mike Attisha. "Cryogenic Dark Matter Search (CDMS II) - Application of Neural Networks and Wavelets to Event Analysis"

Dark Matter Reading Material

Richard Schnee. "Introduction to Dark Matter Experiments"
Smith and Lewin. "Review of Mathematics, Numerical Factors, and Corrections for Dark Matter Experiments Based on Elastic Nuclear Recoil"
Richard Gaitskell. "Annual Review of Direct Dark Matter Searches"

Other Resources